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3710 Farnum Creek Rd  
Milford, KS 66514   
(785) 210-5567 (785) 463-4000 office

Experience a Unique Event

You will experience a real Kansas Working Farm Tour. Munson Angus Farms was originally homesteaded in 1869 and has been continually operated by the family. Currently it is owned by Charles and David Munson. Our registered Angus Cattle herd originated in 1924 and the genetics of this well-known herd will allow you to enjoy some of the best beef you have ever tasted.

Our farmstead is located west of Junction City in rolling hills that are well suited for wheat, milo and hay production. Much of our farm ground is located in the fertile Smoky Hill River Valley, two miles south of our farmstead. This is where most of our corn and soybeans are produced.

Our farm is both modern and old fashioned. You will witness modern equipment and technology along with old fashioned values of hard work, integrity and friendliness.

Farm Tour

A narrated farm tour will highlight the farm activity of the day. Depending on the season, this will include activities such as working ground, planting or harvesting crops. Equipment used on the farm, including combines and tractors, will be viewed. Some of our purebred Angus herd will be seen.

The highlight of your tour will be your transportation. Our 25 seat trolley is pulled by a team of black Percheron draft horses that each weigh a ton or more and stand 17 hands tall. These gentle giants are driven by Ben Bennett or Ms. Patty, and you will be greeted by our hostess Peggy, all of whom you will love getting to know.

For dinner, we have a special menu planned. Delicious Black or Gus Burgers, choose which ever you like, they are both made with 1/3 lb. Premium Munson Angus Beef produced on our farm. Side dishes are Laura's cole slaw, homemade baked beans and drinks. Your dessert afterwards is a rare treat. Deanna will make homemade Ice Cream. She uses farm fresh Jersey milk in a traditional farm ice cream freezer.

These tours are designed for groups of 40 to 50 people. We schedule groups on a first come, first serve basis. A non refundable deposit is required. The remaining fees are due the day of the event. We can accommodate moderate weather conditions. In the event of severe weather, you will be given the option to reschedule.

Our location is easy to find. Just take the Milford Lake Road exit, just off I-70, west of Junction City, Kansas. Take a right turn and head north for 3 miles. Take a right turn on Liberty Hall Rd.and go down the road 1.5 miles. Keep an eye out for the white fence on the north side of the road. We look forward to seeing you.

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Ben & Duke Munson Angus Farms-Black Horse Hitch Percheron Horses